Nexus Techno Consultants proudly adhere to European frame work programme of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) which take into account the potential positive impacts of innovative research on Environment and society.

With this policy Nexus Techno Consultants is committed to develop new technology in the domain to serve the Environment cause.

Nexus Techno Consultants takes pride in claiming the development of Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) and pipe line work on Cement Grouted Bituminous Macadam (CGBM) adding value to service provided.

Focus on the Future

Our commitment to research excellence is an investment in the future. In partnership with industry, business and government we will attract the world's best researchers and global innovation leaders.

By supporting our existing partnerships and expanding our fields of research through new collaborations, we will build our research capacity and continue to push the boundaries of innovation and discovery.

We will support new discipline areas that take on the challenge of building scale and focus, such as creative industries and the humanities.

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