The road Department carries out numerous Public and Private Sponsored projects, with its wide experience and expertise accumulated throughout the decades. The department uses automated Road design Systems and develop the new cutting-edge technology for the faster and more accurate project implementation

Business Fields:

  • Site Survey and Investigation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Basic Planning
  • Basic & Detailed Design
  • Private Invested Business Model
  • Tender Preparation I Invitation I Award


The Department of transportation has been engaged in the transportation research to forecast traffic demand, analyse traffic operations and transport facilities. The department develops better operation for transportation improvement services and provide best solutions for the problem being faced in the overall aspect of transportation fields.

Business Fields:

  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • ITS (Intelligent Traffic System)
  • TSM (Traffic System Management)
  • Urban Traffic System Improvement
  • Inter and Intra Traffic Improvement
  • Public Transportation System Improvement
  • Road maintenance and Transport

Bridge and Structure

The Department of Bridge and Structure stands tall because of innovative and creative solutions to carry out various projects such as turnkey, alternative design, and Public private invested projects on our experience and expertise.

Business Fields:

  • Design of Minor/Major Bridge
  • Construction Management and Supervision

Urban Planning and Development

The Department of Urban planning & Development is leading the urban planning and design to meet short-medium-long term goals for land development and improve the quality of lifestyle. The Department provides efficient consulting services to support the well-balanced between urban and rural areas to enhance human welfare upon the environmental sustainability.

Business Fields:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Master Plan and Basic Plan
  • Basic Detailed Design
  • Urban Management Planning
  • Metropolitan urban panning
  • Urban Development
  • Low Cost housing
  • Construction Management and Supervision

Construction Management and Supervision

The Department of Construction management and supervision has an extensive experience and know-how integrated with civil engineering construction and supervision. Better and qualified services are delivered to customers by scrutinizing pre and post- construction works. In addition our solutions are optimized and dedicated to save construction costs, minimize construction duration, and ensure higher quality.

Business Fields:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Supervision

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